World is so vast, travelling across the globe completely is difficult in one’s life span. Yet, there are records of so many wonderful, beautiful, weird, dangerous, adventurous, all types of places in the world. Here are few of the interesting towns in the world that will look unreal to the visitor. Adventurous travellers must definitely visit these places and experience the weird and unique looks… Weird Unreal Looking Towns Across World.


Coober Pedy in Australia
coober-pedy Weird Unreal Looking Towns Across World

Weird Unreal Looking Towns Across World

This underground town is the most attractive of all. The scorching heat and summer has forced the citizens here to go underground.

Galleries, hotels, restaurants, homes, churches, mansions, luxurious bungalows, everything is there; but all under the ground. This is what makes it the most popular tourist destination.


Aoshima in Japan

aoshima Weird Unreal Looking Towns Across World

If you are a cat lover, then this the perfect place for you. This place is flocked with all types of furry cats. They outnumber the human here, in the ratio of 6:1.

Fishermen brought cats into this town to control the mice plague. Even after the plague, the cats stayed back and since then have multiplied into many times. They have been permanently living in this special town of Japan since Second World War.

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