There are so many facts in this world we live, that it seems we have been so ignorant about almost everything around us. Some facts are surprising and will make you feel glad that you known about them at least now. But some weird facts that it will change the way you see things.

Here are some more facts that might be totally unknown to you.

  1. Ancient Romans Had Sewer Goddess, Toilet God, God Of Flatulence and God Of Dung. 
Weird Facts

Weird Facts



We have known Romans and their innumerable gods and goddesses of strength, knowledge, beauty and similar. But did you know they had gods and goddesses for toilets, sewage system, and dung.

Crepitus, a toilet god was also the god of flatulence. He was worshipped when anyone suffered from diarrhoea and constipation.

Cloacina, sewer goddess was worshipped when there was problem in the sewage system in Rome. She was considered the protector of Rome’s sewage system.

Stercutius, god of dung was worshipped by farmers while fertilizing their fields.

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