For anyone who loves to travel Himachal Pradesh is definitely on their bucket list. But the next time you plan to trip over to the hills make sure you visit Dalhousie. Let this city transfix you with its beauty and make you fall in love with it. We tell you places that you must go to check it off your list.

  1. 5 Hills

Dalhousie is actually built on and around 5 hill unlike all the other hill stations you get a whole package deal here.

  1. Panchpula Waterfalls

visit Dalhousie

Image Source 

This will be like nothing that you have seen before the main source of water in Dallhousie are these water streams.

     3. Khajjar: Mini Switzerland of India

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Rightly named this place about 25kms away from Dalhousie is extremely scenic and picturesque you will get tons of instagram worthy picture.


  1. Rang Mahal

The depiction of Krishna’s life couldn’t be more stunning. With beautiful paintings and bright colors this is sure to make your day.


  1. Kala Top WIldLife Santuary
visit Dalhousie

Forest rest house at Kalatop Wildlife Reserve; Image credit

This sanctuary offer a long trek which will take you into depths of the forests and you will be as close to nature as possible.


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