One of the oldest and most important city in India, Banaras or Varanasi as it is known now, has the best to offer. In the holy city of Varanasi these are the must do’s when visiting…Varanasi Guide.

  1. Attend Ganga Aarti

Varanasi Guide | 10 Things You Must Do When In Varanasi

The spiritual journey on a boat ride on the holy river Ganga witness the rituals being conducted. The Ganga Arti boat ride lasts for 4-5 hours and can be viewed early morning or in the evening.

  1. Varanasi During Festival

Festivals in Varanasi are a delight. Hundreds of people hurdled at every corner in their orange attire and police trying to put all of them in a line. Get somewhere on top to have a bird eye view of what happens during the festival

  1. Burning Ghats

Varanasi has two ghats where dead ones are cremated or their bodies are sunk in the holy water of Ganges. Manikarnika Ghat and Harishchandra ghat are the two ghats. Go up to a balcony where you can see the burning ceremonies which really is a fascinating process.

  1. Exploring The Streets

Get lost in these ancient alleys of the city and admire every bit of it. There are guesthouses, restaurants, street stalls, stores and many such small businesses within these streets. Navigate and explore in these narrow streets where you’ll encounter cows, shrines and temples.

  1. Ghats

A series of shelved steps leading down to holy river of Ganges, there are plenty of ghats serving their own purpose. Some are solely for washing purposes and some are for cremation. Assi Ghat, a famous one, is a bathing ghat while Dasaswameth is the main ghat. Take a stroll along all these ghats.

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