Unexpected Travellers Experience… Travelling brings a lot of unique experiences about the new culture, new environment, new people, new food, new weather and almost everything is new in the air. That is the fun of travelling. Once the travel bug bites you, bag packing becomes a major life event every now and then.

One usually gets to experience one or the other weird thing at the new destination. Here are few of the real Unexpected Travellers Experience shared by travellers during their international travel.

  1. Seatbelt.

Unexpected Travellers Experience


Public motoring has so many basic and common rules commuters have to follow. But how strictly or seriously are they considered? Very few people or rather countries give importance to safety and security measures.

A traveller who visited Romania experienced being laughed upon by the cab driver for having pulled out the seat belt across himself.

  1. Red Traffic Lights.

Red Traffic Lights


Somehow, it is unexplainable that why rules of traffic are so ignored by many around the world.

A student from Bangladesh (living in Germany) showed utmost shock that people really stopped at the red traffic lights so obediently.

  1. City With Very Few Trash Cans. 

City with very few trash cans

Japan is only of the super fast country if you consider many of the aspects. Their mannerism, cleanliness, politeness, economy, everything will leave you baffeled.

A traveller who visited Tokyo shares that he got to see only 2 trash cans in the entire of the city. Yet, the city of freaking clean.

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