Undiscovered Trails India … We all know the big cities and valleys that we Indians have on our travel list. Like A road trip to Ladakh or the backwaters of Kerela or see the Durga Puja In Kolkata. But what about the undiscovered and unknown little marvels we have on our land. You will be surprised how many places are still untouched by the tourism and commercialization. The best part is that because less people know about the place you get all the privacy you need.

Kannur, Kerela

kannur-kerela Undiscovered Trails India


Get drenched in the culture from the months of November to May you can see the tradition of Theyyem which is a tradition about 7000 years of age. You have dancing, music, skits stories and what not. It can beat any Bollywood masala flick. Once there you feel proud to witness these ancient traditions.


Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh

maheshwar-madhya-pradesh Undiscovered Trails India

The ghats of Mahashewar are extremely serene and peaceful. It is situated on the Banks of river Narmada. The houses built all the way back in 18th century line up next to the river. This is an extremely holy river with utmost importance to the Hindu’s But unlike its counterpart at Varanasi these ghats are not crowded.


Namdapha National Park, Arunachal Pradesh

namdapha-national-park-arunachal-pradesh Undiscovered Trails India

Personally, I feel that the whole of the North east needs to be explored by travelers yet. Namdapha is just another such example. You will be surprised by the wide variety of flora and fauna it hosts. The park is amidst rivers and mountains of 4500 meters. It is a treat walking through this park.


Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

spiti-valley-himachal-pradesh Undiscovered Trails India

Everyone wants to go trekking in Manali especially after ye jawani hai deewani. But, even though manali is great to trek, one should definitely give Spiti Valley a try. The trekking here is not easy. Its stunning tall mountains towering and touching the sky will take your breath away.


Rameshwaram , Tamil Nadu

rameshwaram-tamil-nadu Undiscovered Trails India

Mainly this city is famous as it is the residence of one of the four Dham’s of Hindu’s. But it is near to Gulf Of Mannar . One has to try Kite surfing there, infact they have stunning beaches where you can relax.


Undiscovered Trails India
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