Travel Essentials … Travelling or escaping into a tour is fun and exciting. Some prefer lazy vacation and some prefer the real adventurous activities. Whichever type of vacation is chosen, packing your essential is a job just common to all prior travelling.

Packing needs to be done with patience and peace of mind. Last minute hurried dumping of belongings is sure to make you miss any of your must carry essential items.

Here is a list of few things that are considered must carry in your baggage. Thus, these are most important and absolute travel essentials.


  1. Water Bottle

Bring empty water bottle - Travel Essentials


There is no time gap or l=time limit for water intake. You never know, you might need water at any instant of time. If you don’t carry a bottle of water with you when travelling then you are going to be in trouble.

It is a common notion in many of us, ‘We get water easily on the way. Let us get it whenever needed. So, why carry the heavy bottle’. This attitude is not going to help when you are travelling.

Carry water without fail.

  1. Hand Sanitizer

 Sanitizer -Travel Essentials

Hygiene is important and especially when you are travelling hygiene should never be compromised. You enjoy more when you are fit and fine.

Munching snacks and crisps is so obvious while travelling. And washing hands each time may not be possible and may not be practical too. Hand sanitizer comes handy and is recommended for a quick use.

  1. Mobile Charger

mobile-charger -Travel Essentials

Low battery in mobile phone is a common problem faced by many travellers. The issue is strong enough to put down your mood. Staying connected is very important while on the go.

So, a mobile charger is a must carry while you are travelling.

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