Agra is one of the top cities for tourism in our country. It is a city that richly tells us the Mughal history through amazing architecture and stories. Taj Mahal is obviously a known tourist attraction of the city but there is tons of other places too that this city has to offer. We have made a list of Tourist Attractions Agra you can visit.

  1. Agra Fort

agra-fort-Tourist Attractions Agra

This fort tells us what the true blue Mughal architecture is. Made from the red sandstone. This fort is huge with wide expansive courtyards wit different private and public halls. One thing you can’t miss here is the light and sound show. It is a stunning way with which the sow recreates a whole story . the show is available in two languages Hindi and English. You have to choose according to your comfort the show you want to watch.

  1. Mehtab Bagh

mehtab-bagh-Tourist Attractions Agra

Its literal translation is “The Moonlight Park.” This is right opposite the Taj Mahal. These grounds are huge with an all over view of the Taj. It is a well-maintained garden from where you can see Taj Mahal and admire its beauty from distance.


  1. Wildlife SOS


You have to visit the Agra Bear Rescue Centre. The facility spreads over about 165 acres of land and it has the cutest animals and they are all very well kept. It is about 45 minutes away from the city but is completely worth the ride.

  1. Fatehpur Sikri

fatehpur-sikri -Tourist Attractions Agra

This city is about 1 hour away from Agra by road. Made by the Mughal emperor Akbar this city is dedicated to a sage who helped this ruler in need. It is a paradise for any history lover with intricate architecture, with monuments like Jama Masjid and Buland Darwaza. This is a definite must visit.

  1. Tomb Of Akbar

Tourist Attractions Agra

Emperor Akbar was one of the greatest rulers that our country ever witnessed. A man of many talents a great warrior even though he himself was an illiterate he encouraged arts in all other forms. His tomb is in Agra. Completed by Jahangir it was later destroyed by Jats under Raja Ram Jat to avenge his father’s death.


      6. Taj Mahal
Tourist Attractions Agra

Tourist Attractions Agra


I have saved the best for the last. The true epitome of the undying love of Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz, This white marble structure looks splendid from all angles and is everything you expect it to be.

Tourist Attractions Agra
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