Nobody is a born photographer, every skill is developed with passion, learning and observing with time. It is a gradual process. When it comes to travelling photography becomes a pre requisite to capture the place and moment, but how to create that? Let’s find out. Here I list down 10 helpful tips to improve your photography in your next trip… Tips Better Travel Photos |

  1. Focus On A Thing, A Person, A Specific Detail

Tips Better Travel Photos | Travelling | TrendingFeeds

While taking a picture don’t just randomly hit the “click” button but rather observe the view first or the particular detail you wish to capture to bring out the essence of the captured image.


  1. Think About The Light, Not The View.

Tips Better Travel Photos | Travelling | TrendingFeeds

It’s the lightning that affects the photography instantly. The picture you might have taken with a perfect view might get all dark failing to catch the perfect lightning thus turning into a dark image without any view. When standing directly into the sun, you may be able to make out colors and people, but your camera is going to reproduce mostly shadows. Or when shooting into shadows, you may be able to see features, but your camera will reproduce a lot of dark stuff.


  1. Explore The Unexplored

Tips Better Travel Photos | Travelling | TrendingFeeds

Every tourist covers the popular landmarks, places and spots nothing new. This is the time that you bring out your creative mind into live images by capturing the unexplored and untouched beauty during your travel. Get into the local area and explore the real beauty lying hidden inside the local world.

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