Teachers are considered equivalent to god. The amount of knowledge they impart and prepare their students for the competitive world outside is worth a full bow and a salute. Most teachers have a book of list of students who fall under their good will and some fall under the category of must-be-punished list… Teachers Punish Students.

Every teacher has come across a situation of punishing their students in their teaching experience.

Here is a list of most common type of punishments students get to face.

  1. Slap!!!

Teachers Punish Students


A spontaneous reaction towards the naughty-intolerant lad is slapping. Slap…..!!! comes the sound and young school kids begin to cry. In older kids, it could change the entire personality some time proving fatal and revengeful. A slap can also bring down the self-confidence of the child. But this the most common way of executing the punishment.

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