What is Swine Flu?


Swine flu is also known as pig influenza, swine influenza, hog flu or pig flu. It happens because of Swine Influenza Viruses. It is most common in pigs but its transmission to humans is rare and does not convert in to human flu. But if the transmission converts to human flu then it is called as zoonotic swine flu. But as per the 2009 flu report, this virus was not zoonotic swine flu because it was not transmitted from pig but it was transmitted from human to human. And the recent study says it spread fastest from human to human. No it means the current swine flu is not spreading from pig to human but from human to human.

As per WHO, SIV’s that is Swine Influenza Virus don’t cause any disease in human but we have records that SIV’s have been causing diseases in humans. Initially these viruses were not strong and could not create any disease in humans but the H1N1 has proved things wrong and it originated in swine and out-broke in the year 2009. The reason is that pigs get infected very easily with influenza and they can catch influenza from anyone like birds, humans etc. and further these pigs act as a mixer and then emerged out a new kind of influenza which is strong and can easily spread among humans.


Who are on high Risk from Swine Flu?


Certain group of people which are most effected from such flu are young children, old age people, expecting mothers, the people who are suffering from diseases related to heart, kidney, lung or liver, cancer patients, people on long term steroids, diabetics, HIV or the patients having transplant history. So it can be said that people who have weaker immune system is at high risk.




As per Centre of Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), in 2009 the human symptoms of those of swine flu or H1N1 are similar to influenza or influenza like illness. Other symptoms are

High Fever,



Sore Throat,


Severe Nasal Congestion and Body Ache etc.




As it is described above, the transmission of swine flu is not possible but the transmission has been documented at various places but the reason is still not clear. It is believed that the swine flu also spreads the way the common influenza spreads. It can enter through eyes, ears, nose or mouth while coughing or sneezing. Or it is also that this virus can spread though buttons of ATM machines or door handles or stair cases in public places etc. When hands get in contact with this virus and eyes, ears, nose etc. are touched with these infected hands, it can spread easily.




As per different sources, infected person should increase the intake of fluids and take rest. The best treatment would be through vaccination. A nasal spray was introduced after the outbreak of 2009, which was suitable for the age of 2-49 years. And an injectable vaccine was made available after sometime which was suitable for the age group of 6 months to the elderly people and for expecting mothers too. Later one more vaccination was made available which was a flu shot suitable for the age group of 18 to 64 years. Vaccines are available in market and can be collected with doctor’s prescription. The only thing of concern is that these medicines are very strong and have some side effects.




People should stay at home so that they don’t come in contact with the infected people. If someone is staying in an area where flu is find positive, then try to avoid going out, wash hands before touching eyes, ear, nose or before eating anything.

Swine Flu

Precaution – Swine Flu



Intake of fruits should be increased in the diet. Also people who are not deficit of Vitamin D are more likely to be secured from this virus. Sunlight is a rich source of Vitamin D.

If someone is already suffering from such virus, try to isolate yourself so that other people don’t get affected. Also stay there for at least 7 days and go in public at least after 1 day of resolution of illness.

If someone is going in a hospital or any other medical unit where viruses can be exchanged, should wear a mask or cover the mouth and nose with tissue paper or handkerchief to avoid getting in contact with the virus through sneezing and coughing.


Swine Flu

Precaution – Swine Flu


Don’t forget to wash your hands before doing any household work or going in kitchen. Hand washing itself can reduce the maximum diseases that spread through communicable viruses.

Also check for vaccination, which is to be taken before flu season to minimize the risk.

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