We all know Dubai as a land of gold and have a fleet of luxury cars. The place is rich and the people there seems to have raining money with all the luxuries they can afford. Here are few Surprising Dubai Facts that will leave you even more surprising.

  1. Luxury Cars Abandoned

luxury cars abondoned - Surprising Dubai Facts


When you hear about Dubai, all you get in your mind are those luxury cars and sports cars that are worth millions. What a rich city! What rich people!

But there is something sad too. There are numerous luxury/sports cars left abandoned in the parking lots. Why abandon? This is something explained by the Sharia law. If you fall behind in the car payment or instalments, then you are bound to go behind the jail bars. So, many prefer fleeing the country leaving behind their properties.

  1. Keeping Exotic Animals as Pets is A Status and Fashion

Surprising Dubai Facts 


Crazy people and crazy fashion you get to see in Dubai. It is illegal to keep wild cats and other exotic animals as pets in Dubai. Yet, people own such ferocious pets as its is a fashion statement and is also a status symbol.

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