Fear is a common emotion found in all living creatures. Even the speechless tree experiences fear when it is ready to be chopped…  Strangest Phobias!!

Fear and Phobia are totally different; while fear is just a feeling; phobia is a mental disorder. It is an extreme fear to some “object” or any “event”.

The phobia may be by birth due to genital hereditary or may be due to any mental action. The sufferer undergoes serious stress and torture. There are many phobias found in mankind in this world.

Here goes the 10 strangest phobias in the world which will blow you mind

1.  Ablutophobia.


Strangest Phobias

This phobia is a specific phobia where the sufferer has an extreme fear and discomfort towards bathing, washing or cleaning. The phobia seems to attack women and children than the men. So in your routine, always have pity on the person who is stinky and dirt as there are chances of him/her suffering from Ablutophobia.

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