Death is inevitable to everyone who is born on earth. Some die natural at old age, some die young. Young death is very disheartening as they leave behind lots and lots of loved ones at a very tender age. It might be accidental or due to illness. Here are few of the world’s most shocking and Strangest Deaths Ever of some of the dmaous personalities. Have a look and it is unbelievable facts.

  1. Gregory Rasputin
Strangest Deaths Ever

Gregory Rasputin – Strangest Deaths Ever

Rasputin was a monk who claimed that he had healing power.

His story revolves around his strong influence over Empress Tsarina Alexandra. Worried about his influence, the members of Romanov family plotted to murder Rasputin using cyanide. But the cake and wine containing cyanide did not kill him in spite of Rasputin having eaten them. So, they shot at point blank range. Yet he was alive.

Then they tied him up and dumped in a river. When his body was recovered from the river after 2 days, it is said that he had somehow managed to free one if his arms.

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