Beware: Penny in the car door is the new way of stealing cars

Motor vehicle thefts are rampant in major cities all over the world. Specially car theft is emerging as a major issue of concern.

Where you park your car does not matter to thieves at all. They are so organized in planning their theft that they can take away your vehicle from you within few seconds.

Thieves have sharp brains and update themselves with new tricks from time to time to make sure their theft is a success.

Here is one such tiny trick car thieves follow and manage to steal away the cars, it is the help of a penny.

The first thing you should always do when you approach your parked car is to check the passenger and the rear doors properly.

Stealing Cars
You might never notice anything wrong. Yet, check between the car door or the lock handle of the doors. There may be any objects fixed between the doors, mostly at the passenger door or the rear door.

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