Bridges have since long helped us cross obstacles that stood in our way. To cross a land gaps, big or small, water bodies, and roads. Bridges have also been referred metaphorically to get over a feat in life for progress. There usually are tough or even scary bridges to cross in life, here the metaphorical ones are referred. Turns out, there are some hefty physical bridges out there that stand with potential to frighten you. Here is a list of ten such Scariest Bridges.


  1. Koh Pen Bamboo Bridge, Cambodia

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This bridge occupying Kampong Cham, carries a substantial mark in the fluctuating landscape of Cambodia. It strikes an important question regarding old and new. Whether convenience of locals should be considered or tourist attraction for relics of Cambodia’s past? Made entirely of bamboo, it’s strong and wide enough for a small car to pass.The turgid waters of Mekong requires the bridge to be dismantled it can’t handle the strong surges in the middle of the year. The process of rebuilding it takes about a month. Firstly, taking tall bamboo poles and ramming into the riverbed with another horizontal layer of poles added on top. More poles at various angles support the basis of the bridge.


  1. Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado

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Decking at 955 feet above the Arkansas River near Canon City Colorado held the title of the highest bridge in the world until 2001 and further even dropped out of the top ten as multiple bridges, all built in China were even higher. The adventurous lot of the world come here to experience the zip-line crossing, bungee jumping, riding the skycoaster where a person is swung out over the edge of the gorge. The ones feeling that extra adrenaline, grab their wingsuits and jump off to glide over the river. A base jumper died smashing full speed into the side of the bridge.


  1. Sidu River Bridge, China

Scariest Bridges In The World | TrendingFeeds | Trending |

The ones acrophobic are advised not to visit this vertigo inducing bridge. Suspended 4,009 ft over the titular river as one might expect linking summits of two mountains. Builders used a rocket to string the pilot line across the gap. The suspensions lines which dip and rise back up in the middle of two enormous H-shaped towers seem more than a little wonky for a structure so hugely spanned. One thing interesting about this bridge is that it’s said to be the only bridge in the world tall enough for a human to reach terminal velocity in free fall from the bridge. However, there haven’t been any known survivors of this experiment.


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