Safari holiday sounds exciting. But the risks involved are to be well known before you decide to get inside the animal kingdom, for you are uninvited there and the sight of humans and vehicles can get highly irritating to the animals. South Africa is being famous for many Safaris Went Wrong. It is time we humans learn that animals should not be disturbed in their area. Still camera, video camera, pizza boxes, window opening, car stopping, all these are highly irritating and the enraged animals wait for a chance to attack and shoo you away from their home.

  1. Terrible Posing In Front Of The Rhino
Safaris Went Wrong

Terrible Posing In Front Of The Rhino


It is sheer common sense to know that rhinos have a god given weapon to attack in self protection. Chantal Beyer and her husband stood just a few feet away from two white rhinos. A rhino, on an average weighs close to 2000 kg.

This indeed was not a great idea of getting snapped so close to the heavy animal. Beyer had a collapsed lung and broken ribs after the rhino stabbed her from behind. She was taken almost immediately to the hospital where she eventually recovered.

Surprisingly the park owner told the visitors that it was safe to get out of the safari vehicle to get snapped. He also used food to coax the animal closer.

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