River Rafting Rishikesh … One can truly relish traveling once they have more people to share their experience with. So, make a WhatsApp group of all your buddies with whom you have been planning a trip which for some reason keeps on getting delayed. Just make an itinerary that gives a detailed account of what, when and how. Regardless your friends are adventure sports enthusiast or not they will all dive in on a chance to do something different at a weekend.

River Rafting Rishikesh

Rishikesh is not only a popular hub to fulfill your adventures streak but also a great place to get in touch with nature. Camping under stars laughing around with friends with a bonfire. Playing antakshari, dancing around and talking. What more one can even go up to Haridwar to pay homage to river Ganga and witness the world-renowned. A trip to Rishikesh is full complete wholesome tour where memories will be made. It will touch your soul and make you feel alive from within.

Once you reach Rishikesh you have an option to either stay in a regular hotel. Or in one of the many camps available. Where there will tents provided and food too. Other recreational activities include cannoning in banana boats. Even though the first time when you will try it one might just end up falling in water on face again and again.

River Rafting Rishikesh

River Rafting Rishikesh

The major reason why your rafting experience will be memorable has to be your trainer. The rafting instructor is the one who will teach you and before you start rafting there generally is a short safety session. It will definitely not be a cup of tea. Balance, and strength both come to play at rafting. The movies make it look so simple but that’s not the case. But my favorite part was when we get to take a dip in the chilling River Gang. Swimming around shivering it’s a different experience altogether.

Rishikesh is a memory that will stick to you for a long time. Its an experience that you can never let go.


River Rafting Rishikesh

The names of the rapids in Rishikesh include Sweet Sixteen, Hilton and Terminator, Three Blind Mice, Cross Fire, Roller Coaster, Golf Course, Wall, Daniel’s Dip, Double Trouble, T-Off, Club House, Black Money etc.

River Rafting Rishikesh
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