Manali is stunning and beautiful. No one can second doubt that. After all it has been the romantic honeymoon destination for so many newlywed couples. It has also acted as the landscape of tons of Bollywood movies and film like Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani has given us all major travel goals to visit there with our friends and have a blast make memories and dare to be adventures, River Rafting Manali.

With breathtaking views and long treks Manali has a lot more to offer. Almost 2050 meters above the sea level Manali nestles the river Beas amidst its tall sky touching mountains and think forests. Beas is where the fun begins.

River Rafting Manali

River Rafting Manali

The river Beas boasts proudly of one of the most enthralling rafting routes of the country. It not suitable for the one of the weak hearted ones. You need to have courage and be a little brave. Beas has Grade II and Grade III currents which one should only take on if they have earlier experience with the sport. In fact rafting is not all one can do in Beas. Kayaking is very popular there too but that too should be done with enough practice or only professional help.

Approximately a 1.5-hour long rafting journey, Manaki to Jhiri section is one of the most popular rafting trips.

 River Rafting In Manali

As Manali is known for its vast snow capped peaks and clear blue sky, you actually will feel as if you have stepped into heave. With cold winds feels on your face and the chill in the weather you will be completely frozen in the moment. Even though River Beas is a perennial river and rafting is possible all year around. But the best month is June, July and August.


Also it’s not an expensive deal at all. It is extremely affordable. One can get the rafting experience in not more than 2500 rupees per person, which include camping as well.


River Rafting Manali
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