River Rafting Coorg

Coorg is another one of those cities, which the Britishers took over and made it as their regular vacation home. After The East India Company annexed off the Kodagu’s then ruler Virajrendra and renamed it Coorg to suit it better for their pronunciation and accent. They also popularly call it as “The Scotland Of India.”

Obviously like any other hill station it does have scenic landscapes and my personal favorite was the stunning waterfall. But the thrill that one gets from the rafting at the Barapole River is exciting and fun.

River Rafting Coorg

River Rafting Coorg

This one is highly recommended for all beginners and first timers. It’s the best route to pick up if you are going with the whole family or someone who is a little skeptical about the whole adventure sports concept. The rapids and currents are not that fierce or hard even the rafting journey is not a long one where someone would need their stamina. At most it is 1.5 Hours in which one will cover about 2.5 kilometers so, that you don’t feel tiresome.


 River Rafting Coorg

Most of the camps are situated at the base of the hills where there coffee hills. After or before the rafting one can even go and visit the coffee plantations. The route takes you amidst the Brhmagiri Wildlife sanctuary, which will be mesmerizing. With a huge range of both flora and fauna one can visit.

Also another high comes when. The instructors stop in the middle of your tour and give you an opportunity to take a dip in the chilling, misty waters of Coorg. Even though you might think that the whole idea is crazy but you will end up following the train as this Is something one cant doe everyday right? SO, Make sure to carry an extra pair of clothes.

You will love the serenity of Western Ghats and the foggy beauty of Coorg.

River Rafting Coorg
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