River Rafting Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh the beauty of the east India, One of the seven sisters, Its a state that not many visit or talk about. That’s the reason why the tourist population has not reached there yet and the beauty is safe from commercialization and is still a Virgin in a way. It has beautiful and Deep River Brahmaputra flowing through it, which just adds to the charm and the breathtaking landscape. But rivers like these are not here for beauty and agriculture purposes. But for an adventure enthusiast it is a treat because all three Brahmaputra, Lohit and Subansari rivers. Provide the experience of a lifetime river rafting.

River Rafting Arunachal Pradesh


But remember a caution or the typical statuary warning. The reason why river rafting is not as popular as the other routes is because the beginning of the rapids and currents start from grade 4. Anyone who is a non-swimmer should strictly avoid these waters. Also if you are inexperienced and have done these once or twice before then think of skipping this. This route is not for someone who is faint hearted. In fact the guides there too prefer people who are ready mentally and physically. A single can mistake can prove fatal.

River Rafting Arunachal Pradesh

The Brahmaputra is fierce with big drops., high currents. But the adrenaline rush you will get will give you an orgasmic high. The Subansari river is blessed with white waters and will give you the feel of being in a movie as the water splashes over you drenching you both sweat and sweet chill of water.


The best time to river raft is from November to March. After the mountains officially get over. You will need to give a whole day to the rafting trip. But don’t forget to enjoy the trip because once you are done with your rafting tour you will feel like you have achieved a milestone.


River Rafting Arunachal Pradesh
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