Rajasthani cuisine is one of the India’s most loved and tasted food. The food they make has been in their custom for years since the time of the Royal Rajputs. The food is as rich as the culture that they are extremely proud of. In food you will find tons of desi Ghee, spices and most importantly a taste of regality. So, we have put up a list of amazing food from the desert state that you have to try out… Rajasthani Dishes Definitely try.

Dal Baati Churma

Rajasthani Dishes Definitely try

One of the most popular dishes whose name you must have heard before. This is the Dish that Princess Jodhaa introduced in her Muslim husband Akbar’s household. This is included in the staple diet loaded with tons of Ghee.

Laal Maas

lal-mass Rajasthani Dishes Definitely try

This one is for all the non-veg lovers out there. This is a mutton dish that is fiery and is super spicy. It will make your mouth water once you taste it and eating meat again won’t be the same.


Gatte Ki Sabzi

gate-ki-sabji Rajasthani Dishes Definitely try

Well if you are a vegetarian then don’t worry Rajasthani’s also have an alternative for you – gatte ki sabzi. It is made from Besan, this is their favorite to eat also a regular part of their staple diet. If you are looking for something lighter then try Gatte Khichdi, a perfect evening snack.


DIl Khushal

dil-khushal Rajasthani Dishes Definitely try

This one is for all the people who just can’t do without a desert. This is barfi made out of Besan and is filled with dry fruits. It just fills up your mouth with a rich filling. If you are visiting make sure to pack some and take it home with you.


Ker Sangri

ker-sangri Rajasthani Dishes Definitely try

This is spicy veg dish best when had with bajre ki roti.


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