Is there anyone in this creation who has always done what they wanted to do? Make two lists with one listing what you want and other listing what you do. I bet the list of what you do is mostly against what you really wanted to do. There are many factors or issues for people not doing what they want to. Here are few reasons listed below… people quit.

  1. Financial Constraints


People Quit


Financial crisis is one of the major reason which breaks down a person’s dreams. We have to bargain ourselves in the money matter. We do not have the right to shop all our favourite items. The price tag really matters. Most of the time we go for products in which you are least interested because of shortage of money.

The major effect of economic strategy is poverty which hits the entire family to reach the basic human requirements. A huge population under poverty level cannot provide education, food or even medication for their family. Their dreams remain to be dreams till the last date.

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