Drug is a slow poison. Once you are addicted to it, there is no way of quitting to it. The body becomes habituated and will demand more and more of drugs. Remember, drug is illegal in most of the countries. There are severe punishments for drug addicts depending on the law of various countries. A drug test is carried out to find out about your drug consumption. The following are some of the ways to pass drug test.

  1. Urinate Before The Test

Pass Drug Test


The urine contains a lot of toxins and waste elements. Once you urinate, the drug presence will become less. This will also give you some time to prepare you mentally. You can urinate twice or thrice before you actually go for drug test. Drink lots of water to form more urine in the body. The more you urinate, the better it is for you. Do not arouse suspicion in the minds of cops and technical lab professionals. You might be caught.

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