Fast Food workers usually know the secrets of the recipes of some of your favourite eateries. They know what actually makes the entire recipe so tasteful. They also know the worst fast food facts that have been kept away from you. If you ask the fast food employees they will surely reveal what goes into all that you ate with so much enthusiasm.

Some facts can bring shivers in you. Here are few things that a fast food worker would never want you to order ever again.

  1. Wendy’s Chili
fast food facts

Wendy’s Chili – Fast Food Facts


When meat is grilled, obviously there will be some meat that gets dried up on the grill. Now this is scrapped and collected and put into a warming drawer. When there is enough quantity collected, they make the chilli.

So now you know what meat goes into the Wendy’s Chili.

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3 Responses

  1. Megan

    I worked at Wendy’s, we cooked meat especially for preparing chili. No meat scraps included.

  2. Tracy

    I work in a cinema, the statement about storing popcorn in rubbish bags is also false!

  3. LydiA

    My first job was at a movie theater & as much as I hated the boring job I have to say the popcorn was always fresh. Perhaps this trash corn happened in Florida or Texas. I don’t know.


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