Nepal trekking is hard enough as it is, that you need to be as skilled as the Sherpa Woman tagged the Adventurer of the Year 2016, Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita, who despite having to take care of her six-year-old sister has made her way, all the way up to peaks such as K2 and Everest. You should be super prepared if you want your solo trek to be much less daunting, and these tips are beside the essentials which includes having proper gear and first aid medications. And the Nepalese peaks are absolutely stunning and should be explored. here are few Nepal Solo Trekking Tips.

Nepal Solo Trekking Tips


  1. Getting Started

It can definitely be intimidating if you’re doing this for the first time ever. Now, you have to set your expectations straight, taking your fitness level into consideration.

You have to also think about things like whether you prefer a bed, or are you fine with camping, what is your budget, you up for a challenge or you want something a little laidback? Do you want to meet people there or go at it alone? Cultural experiences, and the length of your travel there amongst other things as well.


  1. Guide

A good option would be to not trek along the first time, it is part of your research to trek along the next time that you have someone with you who knows the locals and the terrain and the atmosphere to guide you through everything. So, if you are a first timer, definitely find a guide. But if you are an avid trekker and can find your way using a compass and a map through popular or unpopular trekking routes, you should be fine without one.

However, trekking alone is a risky business, for anyone, so, a suggestion would to make a new friend and delve into the Nepalese culture. The Nepalese are quite the convivial lot, and they’re bound to make your journey an indelible one. You can learn local phrases, have impromptu cooking classes organized for you if you have a guide to prepare you for your actual solo trip the next time around.

There are plenty guides around in Nepal and you can book beforehand or on site. Some treks in Nepal do require a minimum of two people, while others simply ban solo trekking due to difficulty, and you need acquire proper trekking permits. You also have an option to sign up for a tour, which makes way for a more complex trek, and this way you can simply focus on the trekking while you have everything else just organized for you.


  1. Budget and Cost

Most of your money goes into getting a guide, and travel expenses. And, there is a prominent difference of cost when travelling alone and when travelling in a group. However, Nepal is relatively inexpensive. During your trek, you’ll be able to get by with approximately INR 1300 per day which includes food, accommodation, and a hot bucket of water! You also have loads of solo trekkers in Pokhara or Thamel looking to split the cost of a private guide and accommodation if you’re low on cash. Most treehouses here have shared bedrooms in any case, so might as well make a new friend and split the cost.

There is generally a wide price range for tours, you can go all out, or really be budget friendly. It’s usually better to be safer than sorry, so don’t go for the too cheap option, you may never know where you end up (for example, an opium den for accommodation which really isn’t the ideal location to stay). For guides, you might have to pay around INR 1300 to INR 2400, as it can get quite difficult in certain trekking regions. And this cost usually covers, food and accommodation as well. Also, a small tip would be to bring some Nepalese currency for tipping the guides or porters to give at the end of your trek.

You can save up some cash by eating local vegetarian cuisine. On a teahouse trek, pack light, and if you’re decently fit, don’t hire a porter. Only carry what you absolutely need, that you don’t have to leave anything back at some guesthouse before you leave for the trek.


  1. Importance Of Time Of The Year

It’s essential to know during what time are you going to Nepal. As not all treks are open year-round. April makes for a great time to go as most of the treks are open, the weather is beautiful and the indigenous flora is in full bloom. However, it being the in-season to go, prices go higher, and routes become busier. You could opt for a cheaper option and go end-February or early-March to see the very beginning of the Rhododendron season.


  1. Which Trek To Do?

Everything depends on how much time you have on your hands; how much are you willing to spend. Just a few days, few weeks, a month long or more? Do your research online and check for all the options you have and whatever suits you best, you choose and pack your bags. All trekking experiences in Nepal are impeccable and indelibly stunning, and so, you absolutely wouldn’t be disappointed.


  1. Extra Tips

Don’t ignore your guide, who knows the terrain way better than you do. Don’t get cocky, it can cost you. You can’t take chances in these difficult terrains, as you aren’t experienced.
About observing surroundings. Beware and don’t walk and admire, considering there is so much to soak in, take a breath, stop and then look around. If you walk and look here and there, you’ll end up hurting yourself or worse. And please, refrain from taking selfies here, you don’t want tip off your balance and fall for the sake of one selfie, instead have someone take your picture.

Don’t get drunk. Seriously, this goes without saying, and if you do decide have the hooch. Just don’t start moving without getting sober. Alcohol is sis quick to dehydrate your body, and where you really need the water, in an environment of less oxygen, you really don’t want to risk having alcohol here. If you do need it to warm yourself up, sit by a fire and have it before taking a nap instead.

And with that, this article ends. Have one of the most magical and enlightening experiences on your trek and be safe, come back alive to tell the tale.


Nepal Solo Trekking Tips
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