Nainital is on the bucket list of anyone who just want a little bit time off to themselves and wants to enjoy some alone time. It a perfect place to go for both families and couples who are just looking to have some personal time. But travelers say like all the other hill station Naintal too has things to just see and watch there is nothing tyo do and one can easily get bored. That statement is a myth. Tody we tell you all the things you can actually DO in Nanital.

  1. Trekking

treaking - Things To Do In Nainital

There are quite some places in the city where you can trek up to. If you are going with your family then pack up a nice picnic and wear your tough shoes and start walking to Tiffin Top. It’s a nice road you will find tons of company and by the time you reach up top u will have worked an apetit to dig into the food you bought.

Or you can trek to china Peak also called the Naina peak. It is trek of about an hour and will take you the top of the hill. You will awestruck by the beauty the beast part is there are very few people who visit here. SO you can enjoy the solitude

  1. Shopping

If you want to buy souvenirs you have to hit the Mall Road. You can buy earrings and small lampshades anything that you can remember the trip by. In case you are looking for more traditional buys Like shawls, scraves and carpets then don’t forget to visit Barra Bazaar.

  1. Boating

boating -Things To Do In Nainital

Right in the heart of the city in the heart lies the Nainital Lakes. The water body is surrounded by tall tress snow capped mountains and the hustle bustle of the city. The boating experience is surreal and oddly relaxing

  1. New Things To Try

Amongst the usual things the one thing that really interested me was zorbing. Yes, you get to do that in Naintal. It is actually a bit away from the city in Bhimtal Lake you get to do Water zorbing. One can also play mini golf at the Himalya hotel. You will just fall in love with game.


Things To Do In Nainital
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