Mumbai is the big metro city where tons of people migrate every year from students to laborers with dreams of making it big in Bollywood. But still the Mumbaikar take pride that the migrants can never be as good as them Well, that’s not true we in this post will tell you how to be a Mumbai local

mumbai Being A Mumbaikar

Being A Mumbaikar


Unlike Delhi the Local of Mumbai is its lifeline. People swear that they know it better than they know Marathi. I know it’s difficult to get accustomed to the overcrowded locals. But they are so popular for a reason. It is supremely well connected and you need to get at boarding it while it leaving the station.



Yes the food in Maharashtra is not the usual one but slowly and gradually you need to get used to it. Make Vada Pav your friend and chai your best friend. You will find pav bhajji everywhere. It’s not bad at all so don’t frown and make yourself feel at home.


Know The Beaches

Mumbai is known for its beautiful beaches they are stunning you have to visit all these beaches to know why they are so famous. Make sure you watch both sunset and sunrise to see the city wake up.

Marine Drive

Also known as the necklace of Mumbai. You have to visit here early in the morning and late evening, grab your partner if you have one, watch the sea enjoy juice, corns and of course bhelpuri.

Tea at Taj

The Taj palace is obviously the most famous hotel in the city. Have a nice cup of tea warm yourself while enjoying the lavish hotel, relish the view. The Tea at Taj has also been mentioned in The movie Phantom starring Saif Ali Khan And Katrina Kaif.


Being A Mumbaikar
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