Monsoon Packing Tips

Rains are definitely the most beautiful natural phenomenon created by nature. Some places are worth seeing even in the monsoons. But once you are travelling in the monsoons to new places exploring. But travelling during monsoons can be a bit of test. You need to be careful so you or your families don’t fall sick. Here are the 5 things that you have to pack while travelling out.

  1. Medicines

Medicines - Monsoon Packing Tips

You never know what might hit you and where. With monsoons basic diseases like viral, fever and flu can easily be caught. Just at least carry the basic medicines like paracetamol, disprin, cough syrup etc.


  1. Rain Gear

Rain Gear - Monsoon Packing Tips

This one is kind of obvious isn’t it? If you are travelling in the rains one needs to have his rain gear. So, make sure you have your umbrella with you and your raincoat. Buy a new one if possible so you can be as safe as possible.


  1. Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito Repellent - Monsoon Packing Tips


It is only during the season of monsoon that the mosquitoes breed the most. In puddles of water collected in rain a simple mosquito bite can be highly fatal to anyone. Diseases like Malaria, typhoid are caused due to mosquito only .As they say Prevention is better than cure carry mosquito repellents sprays, creams etc.


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