Monsoon season is beautiful. Especially in India when the gates of heaven open up to bless the hot roads with showers and wash away the summer heat. Travelling in this cozy weather is bliss. You can just feel the air on your face, rain drops on your skin. The whole experience alone gives one a sense of freedom. We give you five places that you can set off to enjoy true rains… Monsoon destinations India!!


mumbai Monsoon destinations India


Mumbai monsoon is famous and is extremely popular in India. It is bliss even though it’s at peak at its urban era. When it rains down there its extremely scenic the sea gets in tune with skies and looks divine. If you want a vacation in the city this is a place to be.



coorg Monsoon destinations India

This is a beautiful hill station near Bangalore. It is an idyllic drive up to this city. Popularly known as the Scotland of India, this place lives up to its name. With greenery all around and the rain making the landscapes even more beautiful. This is the place to be. You can see the ginger and tea plantations at their best.



kasauli Monsoon destinations India

The perfect uphills and give you a clear view of the majestic Himalayas. Kasuli is just the perfect place to cut off from the hustle bustle of you daily life and just lay back and give you some peace and relaxing time. Make sure everyone back home knows not to disturb your peaceful time.

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