McDonalds Menu Hacks can be very confusing at times.

You want it with cheese or without cheese? You want it to be spicy or without spicy? You want to add this? There is combo offer going on? Why don’t you try this one instead?

These suggestions and options poured on you when you are about to order whatever you had thought of picking up might drive you crazy.

Here are some of the best choices you should definitely try from the McDonald’s menu.

  1. The McLand Sea and Air Burger
The McLand Sea and Air Burger

The McLand Sea and Air Burger – McDonalds Menu Hacks


The name of the burger shows that it is a huge one and so is the size of the burger too. It is a combination of Big Mac, Filet O’Fish and McChicken.

Meat of animals found on land, sea and air are made into 3 saparate patties and slipped into one bun. That is one huge burger you can ever imagine.

All meat lovers will have a gala time.

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