Most of us come across to the situation when there is a song that you cant get out of your head no matter what you do, and you would like to make it your ringtone. But for iPhone users normally we have to purchase a ringtone from iTunes. Here we are going to share few simple steps to make any song (Not purchased on iTunes) Make iPhone Ringtones without purchasing it.

  • Start your system and open iTunes
Make iPhone Ringtones

Open iTunes – Make Ringtones For The iPhone

  • Click on my music. Once you have clicked on My Music, you will see the list of songs. Go to the search bar on the top right corner and search for your songFor Example I have searched for album my world (Down To Earth Song)
Make iPhone Ringtones

Search Your Song – Make Ringtones For The iPhone

  • After selecting song right click on the song & choose “Get info”
Make iPhone Ringtones

Get Info – Make Ringtones For The iPhone


  • Now click on the “options” tab (as shown in the picture)
Make iPhone Ringtones

Options – Make iPhone Ringtones

  • Then select the “Start time” and “Stop Time” for your ringtone and press ok (Means adjust the timer to the exact time in your song where you want your ringtone to begin till the time you want the tone to end) Total duration of your tone should not exceed 30 seconds
Make iPhone Ringtones

“Start time” and “Stop Time” – Make iPhone Ringtones

  • After doing all this once again right click on the song and select “Create AAC Version” Wait its not finished yet! In the second picture you can see the 2 files with the same name (your original file, AAC file which we created)
Make iPhone Ringtones

Create AAC Version – Make iPhone Ringtones

  • Now just click on AAC file and drag it to your desktop. Copy of AAC will be created on desktop
Make iPhone Ringtones

Drag File to Desktop – Make iPhone Ringtones


  • Now minimize your iTunes and select the ACC file on your desktop that you just dragged. (Only select don’t open it) you just have to rename the extension of AAC file. Replace “m4a” with “m4r”
  • Once you do a small window will popup and ask “Are you sure you want to change the extension from “.m4a” to “.m4r”?”SELECT – Use .m4r
Make iPhone Ringtones

Change Extension from “.m4a” to “.m4r” – Make iPhone Ringtones

  • Now simply drag that file back to your iTunes
Make iPhone Ringtones

Drag File Back To iTunes – Make iPhone Ringtones


  • You are almost done. After doing all this you will see 3 files with the same name – your original file, AAC file which we created in the beginning and your newly created ringtone with .m4r extensionNow if you want you can delete AAC file
Make iPhone Ringtones

Make iPhone Ringtones

  • Click on Tones from drop-down (see in picture) you should be able to see your ringtone
Make iPhone Ringtones

Click On Tones From drop-down – Make iPhone Ringtones


  • Now its time to plug in your iPhone and “sync”
  • Once the “sync” is completed. Simply drag your ringtone into your iPhone
Make iPhone Ringtones

“sync” – Make Ringtones For The iPhone

Congratulations you have now successfully created and added a ringtone to your iPhone! do share your feedback with me! Thanks & ENJOY

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Make iPhone Ringtones | How to Make Ringtones For The iPhone
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