For all Mumbaikars, Lonavla is the best way to escape the whole week’s tiredness. Lonavla is known for many things mainly the perfect weather. The drive there alone will make you relax. The simple reason being that it is different from what you usually see in the city. The Tall buildings and skyscrapers are replaced by sky touching branching trees. The sky filled with smoke, which is hardly visible is substituted by clear open skies where you might even see stars that are no longer visible in the city due to high rates of pollution. But Lonavla is a place where you can easily take a break. So, we are giving you five places that you should visit once you go there on a rod trip.





Tiger Point

The highest point in the city, you can see the aerial view of the whole city that is beautiful and you will be mesmerized by the present landscape. Go there especially at night when you can see the whole lights of the city.


Lonavla Lake

Serene, Calm, Picturesque & a must visit, The home of Chiki. The Lonavla is famous for its Chiki. One should definitely buy few and go there and enjoy. Take a picnic along with family.


Celebrity Wax Museum

A 38 years old artist from Kerela has made a wax statue called Sunil. It has many big celebrities like Adolf Hitler, AR Rahman, Kapil Dev, Michel Jackson etc.


Amrutanjan Point

It is a beautiful scenic point. Where you will get to see the whole city as well as Duke’s nose from there.


Baja And Karla Caves

They are beautiful and glorious caves that have deep story one must definitely visit them. The caves were historically associated with the Mahāsāṃghika sect of Buddhism and later with Hinduism.


Places To See in Lonavla On Your Weekend Getaway
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