Life is unpredictable. There can be so many happy, sad, dangerous, emergency situations one will get to face in life. While in life-threatening situation if you act smartly you can come out alive successfully. Here is some life saving facts that all of us should know that will allow us a passing shot at life.

  1. Escaping Rip Current In The Sea.
Life Saving Facts

Escaping Rip Current In The Sea


Who does not like to have dip at the sea? Swimming along with the bouncing waves is thrilling too. On the other hand the waves can be very powerful.

If at all you get stuck in a riptide, a rip current which moves with great speed from shore to sea, don’t swim against the rip current in panic.

Just stay cool and swim parallel to the shore. This way you can get out of the clasp of the rip tide and swim to safety.

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