While people talk more about North India and its picturesque mountains and landscape, South India has equally less explored and beautiful places. Here is an insight of few such places..


#5 Baratang Island, A&N Islands

Kala pani as it was known as in the British era, Andaman & Nicobar Islands have the most beautiful and unnoticed clusters of islands.

Baratang island is a home to one of the indigenous group of tribes “The Jarawa”. You can also visit the limestone caves and the mud island.


#4 Belum Caves, Andhra Pradesh

For all those who love exploring caves and love ancient historical structures, The Belum Caves are just what you need. These are the second longest caves in India and has 16 different pathways.

#3 Gandikota, Andhra Pradesh

Popularly known as the Grand Canyon of India, it is a small village situated on the banks of the river Pennar. The place is an exact replica of the Grand Canyon and has a fort situated there which is guarded by 20 ft high gate and built in red granite stone.


#2 Skandagiri hills, Karnataka

Skandagiri is a mountain fortress located 70kms from Bangalore. Once you’ve trekked till the top, you can witness a blanket of clouds beneath covering the valley and mountain peaks.


#1 Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu

Dhanushkodi has this unorthodox charm you can’t resist. It is popularly called as the “Ghost Town” or “Lost land” and is situated in the southern east tip of Tamil Nadu. The place now is in ruins but is beautiful as ever nonetheless.


These places will serve you with utmost mesmerising sceneries. Explore them and get hypnotized in the beauty of nature!

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