We often haggle what to pack and what not to for a journey. Fret not about carrying the unnecessary luggage because we share with you a list of the essentials to carry to make the most of your trip. It is an easy guide for all those traveling to Ladakh and wish for a light luggage… Ladakh Trip Essentials.

Ladakh Trip Essentials

Ladakh Trip Essentials

Finding medication can be a difficult job in the high altitudes therefore carry a basic first aid kit containing band-aids, crepe bandages, antiseptic cream, etc. along with medicines for headache, fever, stomach ache. People suffering from AMS (Altitude sickness or Acute mountain sickness) are requested to consult a doctor first and can carry Diamox or Avomine if not allergic. Candies (sweet, sour), Glucon D, ORS solution can be carried to avoid nausea, low blood pressure. Sunscreen lotion (above SPF 40) to prevent sunburn from the scorching sun, oil, lip balms, moisturizer as air there is very dry.

Electronic items

Ladakh is a place in the back of beyond and finding a socket there is next to impossible. Power bank, chargers (for all the gadgets you’re carrying), spare batteries as batteries discharge faster due to the cold climate and USB.

If you’re carrying a camera carry the whole kit along with extra battery and memory cards.


Clothing & Toiletries

If you’re traveling anytime between May-August, you can carry light coloured clothes as the temperature ranges about 21°- 25° C during the day, and can layer yourself with more clothes during night as the mercury dips to 3°C. Avoid carrying fancy clothes.

It is best advised to dress in layers here, if traveling during off season, so make sure you carry warm clothes/sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets. Woollen socks, balaclava, mufflers, gloves, body warmers are also recommended. Apart from that you can also carry handkerchiefs, towels, high boots or shoes, flipflop.

Add hand sanitizer, soap, toothbrush and tooth paste, wet wipes to the list of your toiletries.


Other Essentials

The list can be unending so you need to pack smartly to avoid heavy luggage. Sunglasses, torch (preferably LED), matchbox/lighter, hydration packs are some items which can be carried. If you plan to camp carry your tents, sleeping bags, rubber mat and other paraphernalia required. Important documents like ID cards, phone numbers, itinerary route map as GPS may or may not work there, a diary or a book, pen are must.

Packing a little chocolates, dry fruits and biscuits (glucose preferably) is a great idea as they provide instant energy and won’t use up much of the space.



The ATMs beyond Srinagar and Manali will be only available at Leh and Kargil with quite less cash flow. It is recommended for you to carry enough cash sufficing the entire trip. Also, carry polythene or plastic bags and dump the waste in those. Do not litter in the Himalayas.


Ladakh Trip Essentials
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