The technology today is circulating in a very high speed. Every morning you have a new technology released and before you catch over it, its advanced version is implemented. The life span of every technology is so short that you might miss it before even you are aware of it. It is good that everything is advanced leading to a high quality life style. But the sad part is children born in this period or just few years earlier to 2015 are unaware of few interesting things. They only have a chance to look at their picture and gain the information from books or elders… kids dont know.

  1. Floppy Disks
Floppy Disks - Things That Kids Born Today Will NEVER Understand

Floppy Disks – Things That Kids Born Today Will NEVER Understand


Colourful floppy disks were used as a data storage medium before the arrival of USBs and CD-ROM. This was a major means for students who carried these floppy disks in their school bags for transferring software’s, study materials, photos, games and any fun activities with their friends. With advancement of other memory devices, the computers today do not have a Floppy drive.

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