Folks with an itch to travel tend to explore the nooks and crannies of this grandiose splendor we know, called awful lot of nations to stopover, waters to explore, nature to marvel at; travel planning can get quite daunting… Itinerary Mistakes

Avoid Itinerary Mistakes

Avoid Itinerary Mistakes


It asks for copious amounts of grinding through the web, and trust me when I say this, it wouldn’t take anything less than forbearance of a kindergarten teacher, sharp eye to circumvent generic itinerary bloomers done my most, especially when travelling for the first time.

Here’s a list that you should absolutely steer clear from whilst travel planning!


  1. Not Planning Your Itinerary

This commonly observed amateur mistake can get you into some serious inconvenience. One of rudimentary tasks to do before you travel is itinerary planning as it helps you finalise your budget, make the needed bookings and plan out a concrete blueprint for your travel.

Itinerary planning scares most, as things such as excel sheets and spread out data of all the destinations can overwhelm you. No need to fret as you have at your hands and feet travel planning tools to curb your burdens.


  1. Not Researching The Destination

For the sole reason of the destination being a trend and your peer group is plane hopping to the place doesn’t say that it’s necessary for you to do the same. Leaving out on the research leaves you with the cost of potentially being dissatisfied, wasting your time and money.

A lot depends on whether you’ll enjoy the destination you may have chosen. Research ensures that by answering a few key questions: Is it in your budget range? Is it your idea of vacation? Does suit your interests or your peers (if travelling with you)? This makes the trip a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.


  1. Not Making A Rain Check

You absolutely have to do a weather check of wherever you’re headed off to, specifically if you’re visiting a big nation such as USA where you have varying climates coast-to-coast. This is another common lapse made which may lead you to shacking up any place you find to save yourself from a rain.




  1. Excessive itinerary

It’s quite identifiable that someone would want their every penny’s worth. This shouldn’t make you want to stuff 10 countries in a 15 day holiday! Overloading your itinerary is tiresome and may very well turn you into a whiny traveller.

Time is needed for snoozing between sightseeing, breathe, relax and relishing the moment than rather having to rush all over the place.


  1. Not Prioritizing

This shouldn’t be missed as it would allow you to first explore the things you may be interested in the most and this could also be considered as a subset of researching your chosen destination. Prioritizing also depends on the people you’re travelling with, if it’s with children, amusement parks are a priority over going to a museum.


  1. Not Making A Budget

You should take out enough time to map out your budget as it’s quite vital. This makes it easier to prioritize and choose areas to visit and activities to do, while fitting in your budget. You should have enough backup cash in case of emergencies and that you don’t land in a critical financial situation. What helps you curb your budget is that you can book apartments, kitchenette included hostels allowing you to cook for yourself, free walking tours and investing less time on things and more on the experiences that you would have there.



  1. Booking The Flight At The Wrong Time

The flight ticket bites a big one off your savings in any trip you take. And not being a recurrent flyer and / or you include multiple air trips to your travel, expense can really shoot up. Right time to book the ticket can give you a decent discount on the price.

Last minute bookings cost a bomb, well before (not too much though, as that could also get expensive) your travel become a lot more reasonable.


  1. Booking The First Thing You Find

Completing all your bookings before you go on your trip is advisable although this can be mistaken with booking the very first deal you see taking it as the cheapest deal. The truth is that might be the cheapest available at that particular time or just in that particular website.

Various sites present you with price comparisons, some giving cash back offers; the ‘look before you leap’ idiom fits quite well here.


  1. Not Taking A Travel Insurance

You might think it’s not needed or you may find in outside your budget or you just forgot. Contrary to belief, it’s more important than having your luggage. Scenarios beyond imagination exist where you may need that insurance. To name a few; delayed luggage, theft, medical emergencies and abrupt cancellations / plan changes. Not paying that extra cash for travel insurance could possibly cost you.

  1. Not Accounting Time For VISA Procedure

The vitality of this procedure can’t be stressed enough as it could decide whether you even enter the country you want to visit or not. And all your planning, mapping would go to waste if you were to leave this one behind. Ensure you take out enough time for VISA as you can only get approved in a particular window.

Itinerary Mistakes


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