Indian Grill Room Gurgaon

Gurgaon is a fun place to visit. I remember how Gurgaon was and how it is now, it is more corporatized without losing its lush greenery. I love to explore and this place fulfils my hunger of exploring new places in every possible way. Being a true foodie I always try to taste new cuisines and new restaurants. On my way back to Delhi I got my eyes to this restaurant, named the Indian grill room.

The Indian grill room is located at business tower, golf course road, Gurgaon. The moment we entered we could feel the natural fragrance of MOGRA which was very pleasant and soothing. The restaurant was huge and was divided into three sections. One was the Indoor restaurant, second was the bar and the third was the fascinating open terrace sitting with mini pools, plants and ground lighting, though this section comes alive after 6p.m. with good music being played by DJ with Red and Blue color taking over the décor fully… Sounds great… isn’t it?

You will find walls adorned with black and white candid pictures. The black and white pictures look amazing with the white furniture making it look very classy.

Indian Grill Room Gurgaon

Indian Grill Room Gurgaon

Indian Grill Room Gurgaon

Indian Grill Room Gurgaon

Indian Grill Room Gurgaon

Indian Grill Room Gurgaon

Indian Grill Room Gurgaon

Indian Grill Room offers Indian and Mughlai buffet style lunch and dinner of unlimited helpings, for this they have their set menu serving 6veg and 5 non veg starters – main course and dessert.

The manager welcomed us, and led us to table of our choice with a better view of all surrounding areas. We noticed main course was put up perfectly with   beautiful live counters in the center followed by live kitchen on one side decorated with the antique utensils in line.

Then we were given their set menu for buffet. As what all things would be served to us. The menu keeps changing after 15-20 days in this restaurant.

The server then asked our preferences as veg or non-veg; we were okay with both,

The server then got us beautiful Papad platter; papad is round wafer or flatbread which is a popular Indian snack. Papad was served with three dips one was green mint chutney second was mango chutney and the third was mayonnaise. Along with masala onion, cucumber and beetroot.

Indian Grill Room Gurgaon

Papad platter – Indian Grill Room Gurgaon

So then came our piping grill hot starters,

We were first served with non-veg starters,

Gosht Galawat,

Our very first starter presented with mini paratha. The texture was so appropriate, mutton with balanced spices making it perfect. We could feel the softness of the kebab, so soft yet so juicy. Mini parathas complimenting the kebabs so well.

Followed by other starters,

Murgh Malai Tikka

One having this can completely feel the Punjabi flavor in tikkas, the tikkas were evenly grilled, and soft small pieces making it easy to eat in one go. It was so delicious, we couldn’t resist ourselves from ordering some more. Yes you can call us the complete bhukkhads…

Grill Chicken With BBQ Sauce

Indian Grill Room Gurgaon

Chicken was really soft, juicy, tasty, mouth watering. It was moist and firm and BBQ sauce adding the sweetness to it making it another toothsome lovely combo.

Jhinga Mehrunisa


We loved the uniqueness of this name. Rather than calling it the usual prawn, they named it jhinga (prawns), I liked the way how it was cooked and presented nicely. The taste was good but not as per the mark. It was very soft making the prawns loses their original taste.

Then we were served with the veg starters,

Paneer Pudina Tikka

The Paneer tikka was interesting. That was my first bite. It was a little softer than I’ve had. More flavorful I think. I loved the green texture it had. It was very well marinated with spices making it really tasty. This was my personal favorite dish, really appetizing and flavorsome.


Soya Achari Tikka

Soya tikka was very tasty. It had that achaari flavor in it. It made me remind of that homemade ‘aam ka achar’ which is prepared by our grandmothers. I could feel the richness of the dish. You are lucky if menu doesn’t change before your visit, you will after all get this tasty dish to taste.


Dahi ke kebab

Dahi k kebabs were so soft, of perfect texture, perfectly and evenly cooked, the sweetness of curd can be felt in mouth. It was so delicate that the moment you eat it, your taste buds gets bombarded with the kebab’s flavors.


Tandoori ananas

Another desi version name, ananas is what you call pineapple in English, it was grilled so properly taking care that the pineapple doesn’t lose its sweetness and original flavor. At first I was scared of trying it as I had a bad experience once I tried it back but after having it here, the Indian Grill Room has changed my opinion for the dish. Very juicy, sweet and as it is grilled it gives you the roasted flavor as well.

The restaurant serves 6 complimentary drinks, from which you can choose,

We opted for

Virgin Mojito

Indian Grill Room Gurgaon

It was flavorsome, refreshing and presented beautifully with lots of lemon, ice and mint leaves. Drinks were cool and perfect to make you feel hydrated.


We were done with the starters, and then headed towards Main course,

Here are the things what we ate in main course,

Kunna Ghost

Kunna ghost is basically mutton prepared with balanced spices. The taste of the curry was very new. The aroma of the dish was nice that one couldn’t stop themselves from eating it. The mutton curry was flavorful, spicy and very tasty. Mutton pieces were nicely cooked.

Butter Chicken

Indian Grill Room Gurgaon

Butter chicken was creamy; the color of the dish was perfect. Spices were evenly balanced butter missed. The pieces were small which I liked as you could eat in one piece in one go. Though I missed butter in it, even though it is good that the quantity of the butter was less making it healthy but butter chicken without lots of butter is a no for me.

Chicken Bell Pepper Mushroom Sauce

Indian Grill Room Gurgaon

A star dish of our lunch, what a taste. You can feel that authentic taste in it. The pureness of mushroom with chicken and sticky curry tossed with perfect spices making it a perfect dish overall giving a pleasant distinct flavor.


Paneer Lababdar

Indian Grill Room Gurgaon

You won’t be able to eat less of this one. We were satisfied with dish in every possible way. It had a different flavor. It was different from the usual paneer lababdar. What a color, well I will give the chef extra points for the color of every dish. It was so perfect. The dish was palatable and luscious.


Hare Moti Ke Kofte

Indian Grill Room Gurgaon

As name says the gravy was green, thick, aroma of the gravy was nice. Kofte has always been my favorite because of its richness, the koftas were made perfectly having right amount of softness and moisture.


Dal Makhani

Indian Grill Room Gurgaon

How can the Indian main course be done without dal makhani, dal makhani was actually very tasty. The Indian flavors can be felt. Dal makhani was thick, buttery, and utterly delicious and mouth watering. You cannot miss this one.


Vegetable au gratin

Indian Grill Room Gurgaon

Vegetable au gratin is a traditional continental delicacy served with breads. Vegetables were baked to perfection in white sauce having a thick layer of cheese on top.



Live Chicken Biryani

Chicken biryani was live. We were served hot biryani with good amount of chicken pieces. The biryani was tasty. The most interesting part making biryani different from that of other restaurant was I could see and feel the bhuna onion on my taste buds. It was delightful.


Not only biryani but there was so many things live which attract people to visit this restaurant, you can find live pasta, live kulfi falooda, oh so tasty raita, salads, fresh fruit and lot more. What can you ask for more when you can customize your food? Divine ah!

Along with these they serve 5 different varieties of Indian Breads.

Chicken Salad

Indian Grill Room Gurgaon

A cold chicken salad is perfect to make you feel heavenly, the salad was filled with ranch sauce and fresh vegetables, I still can’t get over this salad though. The restaurant serves six different types of salads which were beautifully plated.



Raita was delicious, curd being so fresh, with creamy texture and the plus point was you can make your own raita, well yes you can create your own raita there, be it balancing the salt, pepper etc, or adding onions, boondi etc to it. Amazing it was.


Well, honestly I couldn’t wait for my main course to get over so that I can just hop to dessert section,

I have a sweet tooth; I can’t be guilty about it because I tend to taste everything. I experiment.

Must tell you that they actually have vast option in dessert as well,

We took

Gulab jamuns, well when you get this at last what else you can ask for. It was delicious, hot, perfect sweet and YUMMY. Chocolate mousse, tasting heavenly and was perfectly prepared. Moong dal halwa, it was rich, tasty and delightful. A good quantity of dry frits can be found on it, which was appreciable. Falooda, it was outstanding and heavy, falooda is served in a very hygienic way.

Indian Grill Room Gurgaon

Indian Grill Room Gurgaon

A recommended restaurant to visit, when you are getting unlimited food at fixed price, then how can you miss this place? Though I feel that they should bifurcate in prices of non-veg and veg because a vegetarian is forced to pay a fixed amount even if he doesn’t eat certain dishes, though overall I personally loved this restaurant. Soon gonna re-visit.

Indian Grill Room Gurgaon


Written By: Rashmi Tiwari
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