Incredible optical illusions are the visually perceived images which are totally different from the reality. These illusions reveal the way the images edited by our visual system before you are made aware of it. They are the ones which fool our brains working by creating illusion in the visual process. Some illusions can be cool creating interest in them and some are really frustrating making a mess on your mind. These are nothing but tricks to your eyes and teasing your brains.

Here are 10 such eye and brain boggling illusions.

  1. Lilac chaser
Incredible Optical Illusions

Lilac chaser – Incredible Optical Illusions


Stare at the black cross. You will find all the pink dots vanishing forming gray. You may even find the pink dots turning to green dots or a single green dot rotating. This is known as Troxler’s effect where visiual neurons switch off their ability of awareness of things which aren’t changing and high lighten the perception of things that are changing.

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