Clicking photos has been every body’s passion for long. Some gets clicked at the right time and some brings out mystery hidden inside. Here are few Humorous Photos which will leave you wondering why and how on earth such things can happen.

These photos will surely need you to look carefully for some more time to find out what is so special about it.

  1. Dog In The Group

Humorous Photos 

The group photo looks great with everybody in their Dracula makeup. Guess it was Halloween or some makeup for stage drama. Look again; there is a real dog who sneaked into the frame too.

  1. Kitty In The Coat

Humorous Photos 

Who does not like pets; especially when they are young and adorable? But not everywhere pets are allowed. Many owners find clever tricks to take them along. This beautiful lady took help of her winter coat. A small gap meant for the kitty to breathe allowed the tiny to cat to peep around.

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