It feels so good when you are in a relationship but if that relationship ends by one reason or other, an empty space is created in your life and you find yourself burying deep in to that vacuum. That is the feeling which doesn’t let you move on in your life. So to actually come out of the drastic break up after effects, try to fill that vacuum or space by some tips. A great person has said, “if nobody breaks your heart then how come the other person will get a chance to fix it”

  1. Show Up



It is very important to keep yourself busy; one should not skip his/her schedule. When you are keeping yourself fit in your schedule, you don’t have any time for sorrow. Don’t sit back at home and recall all those bad memories, motivate yourself to be in the daily routine like finishing your household work or going to office or any activity which comes in your daily routine or any plan which you have already scheduled for that day. Also even if you are ready to follow that routine, don’t show a said face to everyone. Try to get ready as you get ready on regular basis.

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