Hidden Indian Destinations … At times our phones becomes our biggest enemies. Don’t you just feel like throwing away the gadget and return to the time when you just had a landline phone and that was the only way to get connected with the world. At times even the Internet gets too much attention. Well if you are looking for a complete DND break then we have narrowed down perfect 6 places for you to feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh

chitkul-himachal-pradesh Hidden Indian Destinations

It is the last Indian village on the Indo-China border. This whole village has no more than one thousand inhabitants. The village is beautiful surrounded by sky touching snowy mountains with no signals you can just lose yourself in the mesmerizing hills.


Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh

changlang-arunachal-pradesh Hidden Indian Destinations

Get geared up to see the world’s most beautiful sunrise. The east of our country is untouched by commercialization and is super stunning. You can also visit the tiger reserve and the world war ii cemetery.


Lungthung – Dhupidara, Sikkim

 lungthung-dhupidara-sikkim Hidden Indian Destinations

July is the best time to visit this 12000 feet above the sea level place. You can get the views that one has only dreamt off. There is mount Kanchenjunga and the roads of Zuluk. So up high and away from the world you will not need your phone at all except to click pictures.


Agumbe, Karnataka

agumbe-karnataka Hidden Indian Destinations

It’s a small village somewhere in middle of the Western Ghats mountain range. With waterfalls and greenery it’s hard not to fall in love with this place. The whole place is full of waterfalls, which you can just sit back and watch or even take a refreshing dip in.


Ranni Reserve, Kerala

ranni-reserve-kerala Hidden Indian Destinations

All the way down in south this green place is full of natural flora and fauna. You can leave you phone and laptop behind and just go out on a long trek and find scenic viewpoints like Sabariwala. The Periyer elephant reserve is not very far as well.


Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

spiti-valley-himachal-pradesh Hidden Indian Destinations

Spiti Valley is the Mecca for people who are interested in some hardcore trekking. It is a home to monasteries and most beautiful natural lakes. You can forget any cell service here but trust me you have so much better things to see than a small screen.


 Hidden Indian Destinations
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