Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour

Hard Rock Cafe is bringing life and excitement to their menu, offering unique burger experience which you have never done before! The richness of their burgers take your taste buds on an international journey.

”Rock your taste buds with these utterly delicious, juicy and big burgers of Hard Rock Cafe.”

I was invited to visit the Hard Rock Cafe at DLF Place Mall in Saket for this year’s World Burger Tour, a selection of the best burgers of Hard Rock Cafe at different global location!

I was surprised to see the excitement they have bought in by organizing Burgerathon – A marathon of burger!!

In the beginning I was served with cocktails, Hard Rock Cafe has created cocktails that perfectly complement World Burger Tour. These cocktails were served in iconic mason jars paired up with burgers!

The new cocktails included-


Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour

A red color beauty containing rich fresh strawberries, basil leaves, Bacardi rum, fresh lime juice topped with beer. Presented in a unique way with chili flakes covering the glass’s top. The taste was no less. Summer alcoholic drinks can’t be better than this.



Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour

A jacked up of killer combo of Jim whiskey, captain Morgan’s spiced rum and honey mixed with pineapple juice. This is my personal favorite drink, I was so into this drink that even after having all the other drinks, I landed up ordering one more of this. A simple presentation giving it a decent look and what a taste, I was amazed with this drink. It also had lime, adding that extra kick.


Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour

Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour

Watermelon itself is such a refreshing fruit, so you can very well guess that something refreshing is coming up. It was a mixture of vodka, watermelon juice, lemonade and topped with beer.



Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour

And here comes the hard rock’s star drink. We were so much into this drink that I went forward to ask even the minute details of this. Hangman’s blood is a blood red beauty jammed up with dark rum, whisky, gin, and red wine, sweet and sour mix topped with beer. Never imagined that a dish jammed up so many varieties of alcohol can be so mouthwatering. 600 units were sold of this, so you can guess this is of course a rockstar.



Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour

This drink was a refreshing crisp blend gin, cucumeber syrup, tonic water, fresh cucumber, maraschino cherries, orange and lime with a touch of rosemary and thyme.


  1. Citrus Summer Shandy

Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour

Another rockstar drink, this simple drink might not be that alluring from outside but you got to taste this one, this is a perfect drink containing Bacardi orange, fresh orange, passion fruit syrup , lemonade and beer. After drinking you won’t be amazed to know that 200 units of this were sold.

All the drinks were a rockstar in itself; they have variety as well as heavenly taste.


I was served with these burgers which the Hard Rock Cafe featured at the world burger Tour.

  1. Istanbul Kaftans Chicken Burger

    Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour

    Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour


    Non-vegetarians going to get a treat with this international burger. One of the legendry burgers at Hard Rock Cafe. Shawarma spice infused chicken burger patty with stuffed creamy feta cheese layered with, tzatziki and garlic aioli.


  1. Italian Chicken BurgerHard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour

    One of the delicious burgers at the Hard Rock Cafe. Flavor wise this burger is quite appealing. It was all bordering on with the juices of the burger onto my plate. The fresh herbs infused chicken burger patty, Italian relish, cheddar cheese, mint mayo and kachumber is more than enough to make you go crazy over this.


  1. Indian Chicken Tandoori BurgerHard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour

    This Indian delightful burger have all the Indian spices is all set to make you fall in love with this place. The soft tikki, all that Indian spices and fresh onions covering the middle part of the burger is so tempting that you will just rush to eat this one. Mint mayo totally did justice to this burger.

There’s a massive population that don’t eat meat, and hard rock café has kept this mind and has come up with these very tasty international burgers.

  1. Lebanese Veg BurgerHard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour

    An Indian touch given to Falafel Burger which was infused with Lebanese spice, garlic aioli, hummus sauce and cheddar cheese. Now the vegetarians do not have to shy away as hard Rock Cafe serves amazing vegetarian burgers as well!

  2. Mexican Veg Burger 

    So vegetarians, you don’t just have one option but many. Here comes the next one. Mexican burger served with inclilata sauce is definitely have all shades of taste, as spicy, sweet, pleasant and delicious.

  3. Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour

    Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour

  4. Mediterranean BurgerHard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour

    Another veg burger which is no less than any burger. The taste of this burger is so delightful that you will go on and on eating it. It was really tasty, giving that original international flavor.


All burgers were served with Masala Fries and different dips! You must visit this burger tour and I bet you won’t be disappointed at all.
Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour
Written By Rashmi Tiwari
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