Peak period of Goa is here when the weather starts to get colder, shacks put up for the season, and the crowd world round starts to show up in Goa for a hearty dose of sun fun! Of Course you’ll want to be one of the crowd too! So get off your butt and start packing… goa travel tips .

Hold your horse though… In order to withdraw yourself from any cringe inducing faux pas which various have committed whilst visiting the sunny beaches making the holiday more memorable! Here are some inputs on what to avoid wearing in Goa.

  1. No Underwear Underwater

You’re mistaken when you chose to use your underwear as your swimwear. Here’s an example of looks can deceive you. Your underwear isn’t remotely ideal for swimming, especially when it comes to swimming in a pool as micro fibres clog filters.


  1. Avoid Hell in High Heels!

Goa Travel Tips | 10 Tips On What Not to Wear in Goa | TrendingFeeds

Highly advised to leave all your heals back home so to not kill your feet despite loving the stilettos. A reasonable pair of wedges is ideal to settle for.


  1. Stay Away From Monstrous Makeup!

Unless you want to be the town’s scarecrow and drive off people, it’s advisable that you stay clear from excessive makeup. The humidity is sure to run your makeup down the face with absolute certainty. So it’s ideal to keep it simple.

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