There is one to many wondrous things in this world, which would knock you off your feet and make you fall in love them. Amongst these are nature’s best, the Floating Islands. This phenomenon is fairly common around the world. It’s quite captivating to see a landmass, hectares in size, be supported only by mud, aquatic plants and such. They can be man-made as well, although there are more natural occurrences of this phenomenon rather than man-made… Floating Islands.

  1. Uros Islands, Peru

 Floating Islands are Bound To Capture and Cheer You Up! TrendingFeeds


Uros Islands float on Lake Titicaca in Peru. There are 70 of these man-made islands made from dried, yellow totora reed. Everything from the islands itself to the huts on them are made from this reed which grows abundantly in the shallow waters of the Lake. It inhabits the Uru People who had abandoned the lakeshore about 500 years ago, in order to escape the terrifying assaults by the ruling tribes of the past time.


  1. Keibul Lamjao, India

 Floating Islands are Bound To Capture and Cheer You Up! TrendingFeeds 

World’s largest ever-floating island is witnessed floating on Loktak Lake, Manipur, India. Not only the largest floating island, it’s also the world’s only floating national park. For a wildlife enthusiast, this place is, quite literally put, a floating heaven.

The Keibul Lamjao is home to the last of the brow-antlered deer (or sangai), one of the most endangered deer in the world and is also the state animal of Manipur. This sangai is in danger of losing its home as most of the phumdis (floating swamps) cannot take its weight. Other fascinating species such as the hog deer, Sambhar deer, barking deer, and Indian Python share this sanctuary with the sangai.


  1. The Floating Gardens of Inle Lake, Myanmar.

 Floating Islands are Bound To Capture and Cheer You Up! TrendingFeeds

We’ve commonly heard of gardening in people’s homes, but never on top of a Lake. Specifically, gardening on the Inle Lake in Burma.

Approximately one fourth of its surface, spanning 22 kilometres long and 11 kilometres wide, is covered with meticulously maintained floating gardens.

The vegetation and the gardens ripple over the blissfully extensive lake.


  1. Floating Islands of Lake Chad, Africa

Floating Islands are Bound To Capture and Cheer You Up! TrendingFeeds  

The islands floating on Lake Chad in Africa are home to a broadly diverse wildlife, which includes fauna such as crocodiles, hippopotamus, fish, waterfowl and shore birds. Lake Chad Wetlands in Nigeria was added to the Ramsar List, which is a list of wetlands of International Importance, in April 2008. However, the lake is drying due to the substantial decline in rainfall, while they’re being a demand increase of water from the locals. This endangers the various animals residing in the lake.


  1. The Floating Islands Of Umbagog Lake, United States.

 Floating Islands are Bound To Capture and Cheer You Up! TrendingFeeds

This wilderness lake is part of a Federal Wildlife Refuge and a New Hampshire State Park, located in Coos Country, New Hampshire and Oxford County, Maine. It features a sweeping natural floating island along its northwest shore. Generations of mouldering bog vegetation rest here. The lake region provided numerous activities such as canoeing, boating, white-water rafting and rousing winter activities along with breath-taking scenic views.


Floating Islands
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