Lately Social Networking sites such as FaceBook or Twitter has received a lot of traffic. So, that kind of traffic attracts a variety of people. I’ve listed down the kind of people you might stumble across on these sites. You definitely need to look out for certain kinds on the Internet. Here you go.

  1. The Snooper

The Snooper – FaceBook


Let’s face it, almost everyone has that one person they love to pryon. And you’re interested in every tiny little detail about that person’s life. So you have broken up with your partner but you still want to keep an eye on what he/she is up to. Whether your partner is still sulking over you or has moved on with glee. The snoopers love to visit their ex’s page just to get an idea about they’re doing. The best scenario is to find them struggling to cope with life without you – the snoopers take immense pleasure in knowing about this. Nobody wants to accept this, but there’s a little snooper hidden in everyone among us.

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