This paradise of nature is truly one of the richest in terms of the green terrain sights it presents. Mythologically the kingdom of Ravana, this kingdom needs a more apt name for it beautiful greenery stretching from the hills to the coastline! Vibrant patterns of blue and green with the sparkling shoreline sand. Humble residents and sumptuous food. Immerse yourself in the world of verdant tea plantations and rain forested peaks…Experience Sri Lanka .


Aptly Paced Train Ride To Ella

 Experience Sri Lanka | Ways To Experience The Best Of Sri Lanka


This slowly-paced, blue-coloured train can even make the non-train-people fall in love in one of the most scenic train rides of all. Personally, trains are a preferred transport as you’re free to walk around, socialize with random commoners and travelers alike, read, listen to music, and most importantly, glance and take in the glimpses of interesting landscapes.

At each train stop, alluring treat sellers fill up the coaches, treats including cut pineapple and mango with cinnamon, salty butter corn, fresh curry rice, chili fritters and crispy papadums.

The scenery along this seven-hour journey comes between Hatton and Haputale. Hills lined with tea bushes and tea-pickers working with their big sacks presents a heartwarming scene. Beautiful villages with backdropping mountains and thinned tea plantations comes about as you go higher up. At the highest station, Pattipola at a height of 1,898 m is where you get occasional views of gorging valleys and ravines, flanked with several meters of deep green. During your journey, you get to experience multiple weather changes, from finding clouds floating under you to being immersed in mist so much so that you could only see till the next 10m. And the most engaging is the last hour of the journey when you’re descended back to the tea fields as the train goes through hamlets, over bridges, looping underneath itself gradually bringing to sight the plantations and the foliage. Valleys, ridges, mountains and waterfalls surrounding until you finally reach Ella.

The train departs twice, daily and getting the tickets a day in advance is advisable.


Sri Lankan Delicacies. 

 Experience Sri Lanka | Ways To Experience The Best Of Sri Lanka

One of the most important itinerary items is the food in any trip you take. And, considering the Sri Lankan cuisine, even if you aren’t prepared for what you’re going to eat, you needn’t worry. The food is rich with spices, flavours of coconut and fish are dominant in the cooking of Sri Lankan food. Rice and curry is a staple, although there are various kinds of bread available as well. To name a few, Deviled Sweet and Sour Fish Curry includes deep fried fish smothered in tasteful sweet and sour sauce with lightly fried red onions and banana peppers, an excellent dish which goes well with parantha and fried rice. Another famous dish, Egg Hoppers also known as Appa is an iconic delicacy of Sri Lanka. It’s cooked in small “wok” like rounded pans making the dough thick and soft at the bottom. There are many kinds of hoppers such as string hoppers, honey hoppers, plain hoppers which are served with a slow-cooked cucumber. There are many more delights for you to try out, so get going!


East Coast Swimming.

Experience Sri Lanka | Ways To Experience The Best Of Sri Lanka 

Peace and tranquillity sits on the east coast of Sri Lanka, contrasting the west coast it feels more local and authentic and are more likely to share the beach with fisherman and other tourists. Traditionally rich, you come across Muslim communities, beautiful Hindu temples and since it’s a beach, you have international surfers gliding through the waves. Green grass, palm trees, fine golden sand caressed by the gentle waves is what the Passikudah Beach offers. Waters are shallow and clear, with the coast being devoid of pollution and traffic. Beautiful colours are witnessed as you relax at the beach throughout the day. Swimming in these waters is particularly calming due to its shallowness and clarity.

The village is about 55km from Batticaloa providing a rejuvenating spa resort.


Explore The Unbeaten Paths Of Galkadawala. 

Experience Sri Lanka | Ways To Experience The Best Of Sri Lanka

The rustic charm of this forest lodge is something that is bound to unwind and tranquil you. Gain insight to the jungle life in Sri Lanka sightseeing wild boars and elephants. Quitting your job and buying barren land in a forest. That’s one way to say goodbye to your corporate world. Maulie, the owner of the resort in Galkadawala did exactly that and looking at the lush foliage around, it’s hard to believe that the land was barren. Lie on a hammock, enjoy good food cooked in earthen pots and unwind at this beautiful and budget resort.


Ever Thought Of Living On A Tea Plantation?

Experience Sri Lanka | Ways To Experience The Best Of Sri Lanka

Embrace the most luxurious erected tents on the slopes of rolling hills which remain sheeted with tea plantations as far as the eyes can see, overlooking a densely-forested valley below. Going up the road along the Knuckles Mountain range from Kandy, you reach the most flawless tea estates in the country, and this is where the Madulkelle Tea Estate rests. These beautiful plantations date back to the late 1800s and most plantations workers are dexterous fingered aged women. They have very warm-welcoming smiles which makes you feel at home in the hill country. Taking a dip in the infinity pool at the edge of the mountain right after a wholesome meal with freshly brewed tea is quite refreshing, which follow warming up by the fireplace. 

Other than the various experiences that are available for you to experience, and have your own stories to tell about Sri Lanka, you can also stay at a local’s home and witness how they live their life, what are their interests, what do they find interesting in their country.

So, book your tickets, fly to this green paradise and make new memories!


Experience Sri Lanka
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