It is very easy to look beautiful without spending a bomb at the parlour. While creams, lotions, and other such items do make you beautiful, they can adversely impact your bank balance. Furthermore, some products may contain harsh chemicals that inadvertently harm your skin in the long run. One need not fret. there are some  everyday foods cosmetic purposes products which can be found within the confines of your home that are easily accessible and can be used for lasting beauty that too in an inexpensive manner.

  1. Mask Of An Egg White

Everyday Foods Cosmetic Purposes


The white part present in an egg can be successfully used to remove blemishes and repair skin. Since eggs contain proteins, a mask made of egg whites is a great way to reduce large pores. Furthermore, these proteins prevent skin from sagging. Also, the Vitamin A present in the egg whites very god to reduce the acne and acne marks present on the skin.

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