However fast and smart a man acts and thinks he is always at the lower hand compared to the nature. The nature acts can never be controlled or predicted, they can only be studied. Natural disasters like earth quakes, floods, eruptions are scary causing heavy loss and ruins which can never be dreamt of. Earthquake’s are mostly because of the sudden slip on the fault caused by the shaking of the earth’s ground. The high energy released by the waves underneath causes the shake which we feel. Here are 10 amazing Earthquakes Facts.

  1. National Earthquake Information Centre

Earthquakes Facts


The National Earthquake Information Centre (NEIC) which is a part of United States Geological Survey in Golden, Colorado missions in providing all the information about earthquakes occurring around the world. According to NEIC records about 20,000 earthquakes are recorded every year around the world which is nearly 50 in a day. In fact there are millions of weak earthquakes occurring which are weak and go unrecorded.

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  1. Ken Hodges

    Regarding the article “Facts About Earthquakes”: paragraphs # 6, 7, and 10 concerning the numbers of deaths and homes destroyed. ..I couldn’t decide if the figures were supposed to be tens or hundreds of thousands or millions. We’re the commas misplaced or the zeros?


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